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  • Years of experience:
  • 20-25
  • Fields of expertise:
  • Tarot reading,
  • Dream interpretation,
  • Clairvoyance,
  • Natural healing
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  • English

An accurate psychic's readings are so well done that they eventually work themselves out of a job. How? They help the client to sort out their situation to the point where he or she no longer needs them. Australian Psychic Madeline Rose. Hi there, and thanks for looking. I'm an accurate clairvoyant who needs no tools of divination. I specialise in email readings, online voice-call readings, and personal readings face-to-face. I have 20 years experience doing readings, and quite a wide range of life experience myself, which helps me understand what spirit is showing me when I look into your situation. My readings are insightful and detailed, and I always tell you what I see. I'm not one to tell you what you want to hear though, so if you want the truth rather than a fantasy, please feel free to contact me. To read testimonials / reviews on my work, please go to

  • Australian Psychic Madeline Rose

Hello. This is my profile. Come back soon to check out my updates. You can request a private session by clicking the button next to my profile photo.