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  • Years of experience:
  • 30-35
  • Fields of expertise:
  • Tarot reading,
  • Rune card reading,
  • Angel card reading,
  • Dream interpretation,
  • Crystal reading,
  • Clairvoyance,
  • Other type of fortune telling,
  • Holistic healing,
  • Natural healing,
  • Angel communication
  • Languages:
  • English

Born with many gifts, including the ability to foresee future events speak and see and hear and communicate with those in spirit, I have only ascended in life. Certified Theta Healer, Medium, Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and can look at any area you are needing assistance on. Information comes fast, but all I ask is that if you are calling to get a message from a loved one passed, please just say that.....no names, no information please, and have a pad and pencil ready for notes. Blessings!!

  • MiracleMysticalOne

Still working this out, get so much feedback, it's like it kept repeating what I said ...........over and over and over....lol, will try later

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  • MiracleMysticalOne

Live for a few minutes

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  • MiracleMysticalOne

Wishing you all a great day, and evening, and thank you for having me.

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