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Hello! And thank you for stopping by! ​ My name name is Pan. I have a passion for crystals and I love using them when I work. I started practicing a while ago and as part of my journey to perfect my skills, I have learned a few divinatory skills such as intuitive Tarot readings and Pendulum Divination. ​ As an empath, I am good with reading energies and moods and I incorporate that as part of my readings. If you chose me for a reading, I won't just give you a reading of the cards, I will provide you a guidance to help you continue in your path. The services I provide are: Pendulum readings (up to 3 questions) - optional to continue with a three-card reading Quick three card reading Half an hour readings If you come to me for a reading, I would be grateful if you could give me a feedback on my facebook page: Website:

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This week's reading is available in the following link. Unfortunately, as there is a very limited number of characters that I include I can only provide a link to it.

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Every Sunday I will be posting weekly readings using my cards. These are also available on my facebook page:

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