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  • Mandi - New York

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  • Years of experience:
  • 25-30
  • Fields of expertise:
  • Tarot reading,
  • Angel card reading,
  • Pendulum,
  • Dream interpretation,
  • Clairvoyance,
  • Holistic healing,
  • Chakra healing,
  • Angel communication,
  • Angel healing
  • Languages:
  • English

While on a session with me, I send healing energy to you where your guides feel you need it most. You may experience and overwhelming feeling to shed tears, get chills, feel warm -- this is my energy working. Please embrace it with the love it is sent with. I myself am a certified healer practitioner as well as an ordained Minister, I offer psychic, clairvoyant, medium, intuitive and tarot, angel and pendulum readings. I am here as a messenger to those with an open mind and heart.

  • Mandi - New York

I send healing with EVERY session. Love, light & hope

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  • Mandi - New York

I am available for answers -- connect with me to seek guidance and connect with loved ones who have crossed over.

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