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  • Tejasacharya

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  • Years of experience:
  • 10-15
  • Fields of expertise:
  • Palmistry,
  • Numerology readings,
  • Dream interpretation,
  • Clairvoyance,
  • Reiki,
  • Vedic astrology,
  • Indian astrology
  • Languages:
  • English,
  • ગુજરાતી,
  • हिन्दी

With more than 12 years in vedic Astrology horoscope and astrology writer and reader!! In journey of astrology, i discovered that my Grand Father was Psychic and his sister Clairvoyant.I have experience of 2000+ consultations on various astrology problems. I am working as MD psychiatric counselor healing depressed people with dream interpretation and reiki. I will unravel important messages from your palm and also by numerology which time only will tell it to be true. Consider me your Friend, Philosopher and Guide through journey of your life!

  • Tejasacharya

Hello dear all, Thank you for contacting me, let me know for life changing reading.

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